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Usagi Yojimbo: Albedo #3

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Originally Published: 4/1/85 - Print Run approx. 10,000 copies

2nd Appearance of Usagi Yojjimbo

This book contains part three of "Erma Felna, EDF" by Steve Gallacci and the second Stan Sakai Usagi Yojimbo story "Lone Rabbit and Child I". The letters page also contains an appearance of Groo and Sworddancer.

This is an ungraded raw copy that is in pristine condition, worthy of being CGC graded with crisp corners and white pages. There is a non-color breaking dent in the front cover that will likely be able to be pressed out. This book will be bagged and boarded for protection, bubble wrapped and placed in hard cardboard for the best shipping possible with insurance included. If you have questions or concerns, please message us directly PRIOR to purchasing.

Plot of " Lone Rabbit and Child I"

With their traveling company attacked, the retainer Tomoe Ame escapes with her child-lord Noriyuki, leaving behind the rest of the part to hold off the attackers. They find a hut on the outskirts of town to hide in, but it is occupied by a sleeping samurai. Tomoe decides killing him is the safest option, but underestimates her opponent. Noriyuki begs for his retainer's life, and introductions are made. Tomoe & Noriyuki meet Usagi for the first time. Tomoe explains their situation, and that Lord Hikiji is behind the threat to her Lord.

Their conversation is interrupted by Samurai outside demanding to be given the young lord. Usagi tells them to go away, as he just woke up in a bad mood, but they attack. It is their last mistake. Impressed, Noriyuki hires Usagi as his bodyguard (a Yojimbo). The three travel together, and that evening find shelter from a storm in an inn. In the morning, with the storm passed, they find the river swollen and will require a ferry to cross the raging torrent.

They are attacked from behind at the river crossing by Hikiji's samurai. Usagi holds them off while Tomoe takes her lord to the ferry, only to discover the ferryman is also a Hikiji agent. In defending her lord, Tomoe is thrown into the overflowing river. Usagi rescues Noriyuki, but does not arrive in time to save Tomoe. The two search the river banks for several hours, and eventually find her body washed up on the rocks, unmoving.

5/2/22 Update: We do have a copy in for grading at CGC so be sure to keep an eye for that coming soon!