Frequently Asked Questions

What is Collector's Corner Inc?

We are a family run small mom and pop comic book shop from the Mid-Michigan Area!  We have been in business for over 28 years, and while the current state of the nation is changing things, we are still here to help you Feed Your Inner Geek even though we closed our shop on Jefferson road! Even though some have said we have, we have not retired, pass the mantle or otherwise close! We still remain Midland's comic book shop with the most experience and largest selection of both new and vintage items!

What do you offer?

All things comic books and comic supplies! While we use to offer games as well, we have decided to focus our product line to better support you, our customers! We will be happy to talk about games and all sorts of other Geek Culture things and might be able to even point you in the right directions to get what you need, so don't be shy!

What are Pre-Orders?

These are items that you purchase in advance, before they are released. This will help make sure that you get the hottest items at the lowest prices! These days there are many comic books that jump in price due to a first appearance, or other internet buzz and we might sell out!  Getting your Pre-Orders in ensures that you won't have to pay more than regular price on an item and that you'll get it day of release!  Please note that Pre-Orders do have cut-off dates that are usually a month or so in advance of release! Any orders made after final order cut off dates cannot be guaranteed, although we will certainly do our best to get you what you want!  Any prepaid items that we are unable to fulfill will be supplied a refund on the original purchase price. 

Can I cancel Pre-Orders?

Due to the fact that items are non-returnable for us, you cannot cancel a Pre-Order item or invoice at this time. Please note that any invoice cancelled by customers without authorization may be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, please let us know before ordering!

What if I miss the Cut-Off Date on a book I'm super excited about?

Just get a hold of us directly, at or a direct message on Facebook and we will work with you as best that we can!

Do you offer discounts and if so how much?

We currently are not offering open discounts, however we may in certain situations. If you are buying in bulk and pre-paying for all your items then we might be able to work something out! Please note that any invoices not paid on time (when invoiced) will automatically be cause for all discounts being negated and you will be charged that amount on a future invoice if you paid the invoice late or having that discount removed from your invoice if it has not been paid in full. Any pre-pay invoices paid late will be subjected to an additional penalty fee of 5%.

I'm worried about COVID-19. How can I Feed My Inner Geek and still be safe?

We have been taking this seriously from the beginning and continue to do so now that we have reopened at 132 Ashman Circle. We are an at-risk family as well, and want to make sure we all stay healthy, you included! Not only do we follow all guidelines provided by the CDC and clean constantly, but we offer No Contact Home Delivery for our local area, as well as our special packaging for our World-Wide Shipping. 

But I like to hold my comics before I purchase them!

We are also working on supplying local businesses with small stands or pop-ups for those of you that are willing to wear masks and social distance but still want to see comics before you buy them.  

How long does shipping take and where do you deliver to?

It really depends on where you live and if the item is in-stock at our shop. The closer to the Mid-Michigan area, the shorter the delivery time. We pack our product the way we would like to receive it, so we can help do our part to ensure a damage-free delivery and use USPS Priority Mail with Insurance for ALL shipments. We strive to pack all orders within 24 hours and most shipments in the continental US are 2-3 business days. If we have to order the item in for you (which we are happy to do!) items will ship within 24 hours from when we receive them.

We currently are offering our No Contact Delivery to anyone in Midland Michigan city limits, but sometimes make exceptions for the Sanford and Freeland areas.

I ordered from someone else and got my comics in a paper envelope, folded in half.

Yeah....That's a personal pet peeve for us as well. We pack things the way we would like to receive them. While we do offer bags/boards for each book for purchase, you don't HAVE to, as we will pack all comics together in one bag, before placing in a sealed bubble wrap bag.  That is then wrapped with bubble wrap or other protective material and placed in a hard cardboard USPS Priority Mailing box to avoid the comics rattling around during shipping. We have a Youtube video on this very thing, check it out:

I send my comics out to get graded/slabbed. Are your comics guaranteed to be in a 10.0 perfect condition? 

While I wish all of our comic books were in perfect 10.0 mint condition, sadly the reality is that most books are not in that condition, including straight off the printing press. I will have a Blog and YouTube video that talks about this more, however the short story is that even the distributors do not guarantee Near Mint condition. If you are unhappy, please get a hold of us and we will certainly do everything we can to correct the situation, however I cannot guarantee what that solution might be. Please note that all sales are final.

I don't want to Pre-Order items, but would like to get regular comic books. Do you have a Subscription or Pull Service?

We sure do! Please click on the Subscription button in our top menu and sign in! It's free to set up an account and we never sell personal data.  Once you set up an account with us, simply subscribe to an individual book, or an entire series and you'll be invoiced the week those books are releasing.  You can also send us a direct message with what titles you are interested in and we will get you set up if you are experiencing difficulties. Please note that due to the way the ordering system works in the comic industry, there maybe a two month delay in starting a series if it is in high demand. We also ask that if you are going to drop a title, to please let us know a few issues ahead of time so that we can adjust our orders.  When Pulled Comics are not purchased they become regular inventory for us that we might have a harder time selling. 

I am new to comic books, how do I know what's out there or where to start?

This is one of our most asked questions (along with "Is it worth me investing in this comic?") and one that takes a little bit to answer. We will be posting a Youtube Video and a Blog on this very thing! Watch for it here, on our Facebook page ( soon!  Short answer: browse our online selection here or on our Subscription page and pick something that looks fun! 

But there are hundreds or thousands of items! I don't have time for that.

Really. Check out our video. I'll keep that one short for some basics and then just reach out to us. There is something for everyone and we love helping our customers find that story that speaks to them directly! We also do a weekly Youtube video for what's coming out brand new that week as well!

The last time I was in your store you had HUNDREDS of thousands of comic books in stock. What happened to them all?

Currently? They are filling up my house. Help us regain our living room, please! While I would love to have them all up on our Online Purchasing Platform, I simply haven't had time to get them listed. Got something specific you're looking for? Let me know, I'll dig and post it up if we've got it. Want to do some long-box digging? We have a few Youtube Videos (and will be doing more) to allow you to do just that! Books we haven't had time to list yet, but we'll thumb through them. Then just send us a direct message with the ones you're interested in and BOOM! We'll get them sold to you!

 I ordered 10 copies of an issue, but 9 got cancelled!!!! What happened?!?!

While we will strive to make sure we complete as many orders as possible, we do reserve the right to limit the purchase of hot titles to 1 or 2 copies per person so we can get those hot books out to as many customers as possible.  We appreciate your understanding in this as we help to provide a great comic book community for all.

Some of your pictures just show artwork, not a normal comic cover. Is this what's known as a "Virgin Cover?" 

Most of our products will be stock photos, however we will add actual scans for items that are higher priced, or if you ask us directly we will be happy to supply you with scans for the actual item you would be purchasing.  Please note that the stock photos sometimes are advance artwork and not necessarily the final cover. We will attempt to note when a version is an actual "Virgin Cover" (meaning no text, or limited text to showcase the artwork).

I have seen a lot of different "Store Exclusive Variant Covers" being advertised recently. Why don't you have those for sale on your site?

Recently the publishers have been offering exclusive artwork for a regular comic book to stores that are willing to purchase in large quantities (usually 500+ copies). Sadly we are not able to sell through that much product and cannot make those purchases.  If you're ever interested in a specific variant cover to a book, please send us a direct message or email with the Title Name, Issue Number, a picture of the specific art you're looking for, and if possible where you saw the listing originally and I can look into how much it would cost for us to order the book for you (although it is likely it will end up costing more than if you purchased it directly from the original source).  While we cannot guarantee we can get it for you, I'm happy to work with you to find out!

I've got some comic books that I no longer want or want to sell, can you help?

We certainly can! With over 26 years as a business owner, and a collector for years before that we are one of the most experienced comic stores in the Mid-Michigan area! Not only that, but in state of our nation, we want to keep you safe, so here's how we ensure that!

1) Send us an email at with either a list of the title and issue number of each comic book, or a photo of the front cover of each comic book along with what you're hoping to get for your collection. We will respond to you (usually within 24 hours) accepting your offer, or declining your offer with an estimate on what we would offer in both cash in your hand or credit to use on our site! Please note that the estimate may be more or less upon actual examination of comics, and estimates are often less than what final offers will be.

2) If the offer sounds good to you, we will set up a time to have you give a No Contact Delivery or us give a No Contact Pick-Up and either verify the comics value on the spot or within 24-48 hours, depending on our availability. Once verified, a final offer will be made, and if accepted, cash or credit will be dispensed and you're all set! If you decide not to complete the transaction, you take your books back and at the very least are armed with more information on your collection! We do ask that only serious inquires are made. If you accept our estimate (from Step 1), then you agree to sell/trade at that value once verified. If a lower value is assigned, no obligation is held. If you are just interested in getting a value on your collection that you reach out to us regarding that instead as it is a slightly different process.

How do I know what you're going to offer?

This is a harder question to answer. Comic books, like all collectibles are valued on what the Current Market Value is.  In other words, what a person is likely to get for that item on the open market (which could be E-Bay, Amazon, a physical store, etc etc).  There are many ways to come to this number, however our process looks at the recent sales, as well as the current trends on E-Bay and the website We have determined that this is the most accurate way to determine what a person is currently willing to pay for an item. Please note that prices of comic books do fluctuate both up and down depending on the Current Market Value. We cannot guarantee if an item you purchase will go up, down or stay the same price.

This being said, we are a store and the comic books you want to sell are yours. You know what you want for them. We will either counter offer, or say yes.

There are ballpark concepts, however, such as most comic books from the 1980s to current are what are considered "Bulk Comics." These are typically titles that are not highly sought after, or we have a lot of in-stock and usually purchased at a rate of $10/short box (typically around 200 comics).

Comic books that are in better condition than others will likely garner a higher price than not and just because a comic book is in a plastic bag, doesn't mean that it is in Near Mint condition. 

"Hot" comic books, in general, will be valued around 50% of CMV, but again, this is not guaranteed.

I ordered a bunch of items, but they haven't shipped yet. Why not?

If not all of your items are in-stock, or some are PREORDERED we will hold your order until all items are available to be shipped. If you would like your items delivered as they come out, they need to be on different orders to accommodate the proper shipping costs. Please send us a direct message, or email and we would be happy to discuss the different options for you to help you get your product as quickly and cost effective as possible!

I got something that is not in mint condition! I want give it back!

Unfortunately, items cannot be guaranteed to be in perfect condition as distributors will not guarantee condition to any retailers. Items are sold in off shelf condition, and as is, however if you have any concerns please reach out to us within 7 days of purchase and we will see what we can do!  Please note that all sales are final and any returnability is at our discretion. (Please see 10.0 question above as well)

Why do I have to sign to pick-up product?

To ensure that you receive the best service we do require all purchases to be signed for at the time of pick-up.  This is for your security to ensure that only authorized persons are allowed to receive your items and there are no concerns. Any orders picked-up without a signature confirms that all items are accounted for. Please remember that all sales are final.

What is FOMO?

FOMO means the Fear Of Missing Out. This is a real thing that effects the way many people purchase items, in and outside of the comic community. We certainly try to advise people to be aware of this and to not have it effect what you purchase. Usually this causes people to buy items they don't really need for their collection or at a higher price than they should pay because of hype or high demand. The flip side of this is that if you're looking to sell items, then this is a god thing to think about when choosing when to sell!

What is CGC and Slabbed comics mean?

CGC is a third-party grading company that is considered the gold standard by many people in the comic industry. For more information check them out at Please note, this is not us sponsoring them and there are many companies out there, including CBCS, which is the official grading company for Aftershock Comics. Slabbed comics is a term for comic books that have been officially graded by a company like CGC or CBCS. These are books that are sealed in plastic after being graded so, as long as the plastic is not cracked or broken, while it can no longer be read, it does supply confidence that the comic you are buying is in the condition it is graded in. This tends to lend to higher prices on the secondary market. Watch for a blog or video on this subject soon! Please note that the return time to get something graded, in 2022, tends to be around 6 months!