Talking in the Corner 1.5 - a CGC Unboxing

A mid-week episode to showcase something special from one of our regular customers! It's a CGC Unboxing!

One of favorite customers here at Collector's Corner Inc, who purchases not only for reading but also for collecting, sent in some limited edition and modern key comics that he purchased from us.

He gave us the honor to unbox these for you all, and for you to see the quality that Collector's Corner Inc can supply to you! While we cannot guarantee any specific grade, we do pride ourselves on giving all of our customers full transparency on items you purchase from us, as well as service that we would love to get if we were the customers!

He is allowing us to sell these books for him, so if you're interested let us know!

Watch the actual Unboxing Video here: Talking in the Corner Episode 1.5 ( and then come back here for some more details:

Something is Killing the Children 9.8
Something is Killing the Children #1 (2019 NYCC Retailer Variant) CGC 9.8 
This book has been compared to the Walking Dead for heat factor and rarity. This issue has been reprinted a bunch of times, and the collectors market on this issue continues to just climb! With an actual limited print run on this edition, originally only available to Retailers attending the New York Comic Con Summit (one per store), this is a great version to have in your collection. Prices on this book Raw (meaning ungraded) have been currently having out around $200, with a high point in November/December of 2020 with 2 sales hitting $305 and $450.  With only 32 copies of this book graded at 9.8, it's no surprise that these aren't showing up out in the wild very often. has this book at a Fair Market Value of $450.
Usagi 9.8 frontusagi 9.8 back
Usagi Yojimbo #6 (1:25 Retailer Incentive Edition) CGC 9.8
Variant covers continue to be a big hit in the collectors market, and what a 1:25 variant means is that for retailers to get ONE copy of this variant, they need to order in TWENTY FIVE copies of the regular edition.  While it is easy to estimate that if a comic had a print run of 30,000 that a 1:25 variant would have a print run of 1,200 that's not exactly accurate. With print run numbers fairly difficult to come by these days, it is a good way to get a ballpark idea however. Because there are some large stores out there that can move lot of the regular cover, it makes prices fluctuate on these ratio books quite a lot, so make a mental note of that when looking to buy these variants.  With only 29 copies of these graded at CGC 9.8 this book has a Fair Market Value at $300 and the Raw average is for this comic is $154 (and a high sale raw of $205).
Thor 9.8
Thor (2020) #5 Cover A CGC 9.8
Donny Cates has been Marvel's Golden Child writer for awhile now and when he has new characters appear, people take notice. This issue 1,535 copies graded at CGC 9.8, 36 of which are signed. That being said, the Fair Market Value on this book in 9.8 is sitting around $100 and about $65 raw.  The 1st Appearance of Black Winter makes this book a great buy.
Batman #92 (1:25 Jimenez Variant) CGC 9.8
979 copies of this variant has been graded in at CGC 9.8. The raw value of this book is around $40 and the CGC grade of 9.8 around $84. While this book was hotter last November/December, the price seems to have leveled out .
Invincible Iron Man (2015) #9 Cover A CGC 9.8
Another first full appearance in this book makes this one hot with a lot of speculation that Riri Williams (Ironheart) will be coming to the MCU soon. 587 copies of this book are graded at CGC 9.8 and holds a Fair Market Value around $325 while the Raw comic is around $60.  Taking a look at the sale trends, this book is on an upwards trend with a 9.8 selling on Ebay on the 5th of January for $500! On December 10th at the Marvel portion of the Disney Investor Day presentation, Dominque Thorne was announced as attached to the role of Riri. When more announcements are released to the public expect this book to see a jump each time!
Venom (2018) #9 - 1:10 Animation Variant CGC 9.8
The first full appearance of Dylan Brock in this issue has 290 copies at CGC 9.8 makes this issue have a Fair Market Value around $475 and a Raw value around $140. A CGC 9.8 graded copy just sold on Ebay for $598 on January 17th and a Raw copy for $202 on the 16th, so this book looks like it's trending up, especially with as much of the spotlight the character is taking in the King in Black storyline ongoing now!  There are even copies listed up to $1000 right now on Ebay!
the Walking Dead: Negan Lives One Shot (Silver Foil Variant) CGC 9.8
While this book saw some huge peaks earlier, the many reprints with various different foil printing has dropped the price on this book.  The Raw Fair Market Value is currently around $25 and with 394 copies at CGC 9.8 the value is around $90.
Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 (of 4) Cover A CGC 9.8
2,203 copies of this book graded at CGC 9.8 currently has a Fair Market Value of around $200 and a Raw value around $80.  The first appearance of the newest Batman Villain, Punchline makes this book a sought after book, especially since it took most people by surprise and was under ordered by most retailers.
Wolverine (2020) #2 Finch Virgin Sketch Cover CGC 9.8
Only 35 copies of this book have been graded at CGC 9.8, making this book clock in around $300 and Raw around $70. While, story-wise, this book doesn't have anything major happen, the actual rarity of the book does help it demand a higher price. With the Cover A sitting in the single digits, this book certainly has some value.
Venom (2018) #3 SDCC Retailer Variant CGC 9.8
With as much heat as this book has been getting these past few months and there only being 379 copies graded at CGC 9.8 makes the Fair Market Value around $190 and a Raw value around $90.  While it doesn't hold near the value of the Cover A, it's limited print run and availability is keeping this book on a lot of treasure lists. 
Now before you start digging through your boxes to send comic books out to CGC, there are a couple of things to consider. #1) most comics do not arrive in the customer's hands in 9.6-9.8 condition due to movement during shipping and even possible printing errors. This leads to the idea of Pressing or other services that can improve the condition of your comic, sometimes with huge results! Check out the official CCS Video here. #2) cost and time. This service doesn't come without drawbacks. Pricing starts at $20 per book with a turn around of 42 days and can be much higher and longer depending on the situation. Be sure to keep these in mind when deciding if it is worth you sending in books to be graded!

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