Netflix has changed how I view things, and not just my entertainment

Well before the pandemic changed how we live our day to day lives, Netflix was changing how we consumed our entertainment. Not only was there a new way to watch films and have access to mass amounts of entertainment that would take us decades to watch, but they were changing how we all found new things to watch.

Growing up in a time when there were only a few choices to watch on the television, remembering how crazy it was when we got our first VHS player (the precursor to DVD/Blu-Rays for you young people out there), and having to wait forever to see a rerun of the newest episode of Robotech if I wasn't able to get home from school fast enough, has made me realize just how far our entertainment has come over the past 50 years (and man. writing "50 years" just made me sit and stare at the computer for a few minutes).

Binge watching has become a thing. Being able to watch a story unfold over 18 hours instead of just 1.5 has changed how stories are told. I wouldn't even know how to attempt to break up the Game of Thrones story into theatrical films, or even a special week long event! (Like "Roots" or "V". What do you mean you don't know what I'm talking about. Google them, watch them, and then come back. Done? Good. Yes, I know they are wildly different. Let's move on). I didn't realize how much it changed how I enjoy my entertainment until I was pained by how long a week seemed between each episode of Star Trek Discovery or Star Wars Mandalorian. What do you mean I can't just spend all night watching my show? Crazy. 

Not only that, but man! Netflix has suggestions for me on what to watch next, or even what others are watching without me having to talk to a single person! Now they even have the ability to select a random show/film for me?!?! if the pandemic had an upside, it's that Netflix was here to keep me from losing my sanity. (well, and my family too, but ya know....Netflix).  

So, this post has meandered a bit, and I realize that I can squawk about Netflix forever if you let me, so I'll just pose this, have you watched a movie recently and felt that it was just "bla" but didn't know why. I argue that you're not getting the depth that you are now becoming used to. That the personality of your characters aren't enough for you to become invested in. So where does that leave the film industry? There are only so many big explosions and wild special effects that can keep me entertained. Let's chat more about what you all think!

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