Marvel: Heroes Reborn 2021 - What's old is new again.....

For those of you that have been paying attention to the comic book news, you've probably been seeing the artwork from Marvel Comics depicting familiar characters in an unfamiliar way and the mysterious tag of "Heroes Reborn."  Today we get some more details.
Spoilers ahead as we discuss what this is about, who's working on the series, if this is simply an old story redone and why you should take a closer look.
The first four issues of this series will feature a connecting series of covers (see the Featured Image) by fan favorite Leinil Francis Yu. Ed McGuinness will be working on the artwork along with Dale Keown (#2), Federico Vicentini (#3) and James Stokoe (#4). Jason Aaron will be the writer behind this series.
From Marvel's official news release:
"In this radical transformation of the Marvel Universe, the Squadron Supreme rise up to take the place of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But what’s become of familiar faces like Tony StarkPeter Parker, and Carol Danvers, and what deadly new threats have emerged in the void they left behind?
Heroes Reborn connected covers

Here's what’s coming in the early issues of this unpredictable new series!

REBORN #1 will welcome readers to a world where Tony Stark never built the Iron Man armor. Where Thor is a hard-drinking atheist who despises hammers. Where Wakanda is dismissed as a myth. And where Captain America was never found in the ice because there were no Avengers to find him. Instead, this world has always been protected by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: the Squadron Supreme of America. And now, the Squadron faces an attack from some of their fiercest enemies, including Dr. Juggernaut, the Black Skull, the Silver Witch, and Thanos with his Infinity Rings. But why is the Daywalker Blade the only man alive who seems to remember that the entire world has somehow been… reborn?

In REBORN #2, make way for the adventures of Marvel’s Mightiest Megastar, the all-powerful Hyperion! When America’s solar-powered, super-sentinel of liberty looks to return his archenemy Victor Von Doom to the Negative Zone, mighty Hyperion must deal with a breakout of his most powerful enemies, such as Ultron, General Annihilus, and the Immortal Hulk. Plus: a special backup tale starring Blade, Earth’s last living vampire.

In REBORN #3, brace yourself for chaos magic at Mach 5! Blur, the swiftest mortal alive, must win a race through the mind-bending Dread Dimension in order to save his soul from the hypersonic hexes of the Speedster Supreme, the Silver Witch. Plus: a back-up tale takes us inside the dark secrets of the Ravencroft Asylum and its newest inmate, the Phoenix.

And finally in REBORN #4, Doctor Spectrum, equipped with the cosmic might of his Power Prism, has become the most feared lawman in the heavens. But now the dark forces of deep space have sent the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter to end Spectrum once and for all. That’s right, here comes Rocket Raccoon! Plus: in a backup tale, the all-new Starbrand finds herself alone in a strange new universe.

“Maybe the wildest story I've ever put on paper,” Aaron said of his latest Marvel saga. “I got to cut loose on this and release my inner comic-reared child in a really profound way, and together with a cadre of immensely imaginative artists, we built a world that I'm pretty confident in saying is quite unlike any version of the Marvel Universe you've seen before. It grew out of the pages of my AVENGERS run, but kept getting bigger and bigger as it went, and the more pieces I put in place for this Reborn world, the more gleeful and excited I became. This project really stoked the fires of my love for comics in all the right ways.”

Prepare to enter a world without Avengers when HEROES REBORN launches in May!"

Sooooo.....for those of you that have been around for awhile might remember the Heroes Reborn series that took place back in 1996-1997 where Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld recreated the Marvel Universe in an alternate timeline and think that a lot of this sounds oddly familiar.  This series ended with Franklin Richards (son of Fantastic Four's Reed (Mr Fantastic) and Susan Richards (Invisible Woman)) using his reality warping powers to bring our classic characters back to normal.  Will this have a lasting effect like Marvel originally planned for the 1990's Marvel Reborn (which was suppose to be the new regular universe, but it didn't pan out), or will it end up being another "major story" that ends up being a great read, but ultimately no real lasting effect on Marvel Comics as we know it?  My guess is the second will come to pass, but in the meanwhile, Jason Aaron has written some of the best Marvel comics has seen in decades, so I am willing to give it a go! I would pass on speculation for this series, and just enjoy the ride!

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