Free Comic Book Day - Comic Creators and Publishers!

August 14th 12 Noon - 5pm at the Old Farmer's Market by the Tridge in downtown Midland Michigan!

Help us give a warm welcome to Kloie Leslie, Mark Starks, and Daniel Brian Mobley, along with Josh Sorbek writer, artist and Submissions Editor for Source Point Press. Only at the Free Comic Book Day celebration hosted by Collector's Corner Inc at the old Farmer’s Market by the Tridge in Downtown Midland. That’s not all we have to share either! We will also be hosting a raffle to win a one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn original variant artwork cover of DC’s Milestone Returns #1 by ex-native Midlander Daniel Mobley as well! 

Unfortunately, previously mentioned Erik Allan Johnson had to cancel due to other obligations. We will be happy to have him out again at a future event!

Kloie Leslie

In her own words, “I have many interests in art. Art history, comics, oil painting, illustration, design, clay and printmaking to name a few.  Over the years the real challenge has been to narrow my field of interest. Nowadays I mostly oil paint and make comics. Currently, I am lucky enough to have a space outside my home to oil paint. My studio is located in For Arts Sake which is a new shop located in downtown Mount Pleasant where artists can meet and sell work to the people within the community. Feel free to swing by and see what we are up to! 

As for comics, I am very excited to have been chosen to complete a variant cover for Aftershock Comic's 100th title "Campisi: The Dragon Incident."  I will have a table set up for Free Comic Book Day in conjunction with Collector's Corner where I will be available to sign the covers! I hope to see you all real soon.”

Come on down, chat with her, check out her artwork and get a FREE signature on the brand new comic book!

Mark Starks

Mark is the creator of the award-winning “Martian” comic books and films. He is a frequent guest at Comic-Cons nationwide, including (Stan Lee’s) LA Comic Con. In 2020, Mark produced a series of PSAs for Comic Books For Kids!, a Chicago nonprofit. The spots have garnered more than one dozen film awards to date and will vie for Chicao/Midwest Emmy nominations this fall. A Graduate of Central Michigan University, he is a founding member of Comic-Con Museum in San Diego, CA.

Daniel Brian Mobley 

Daniel is not only an amazing artist, but has also become a great friend to our family here at Collector’s Corner Inc over his years of visiting the shop. Even though he no longer lives in the local area, we are happy to continue to support his comic book endeavors! Daniel was born in 1983 and has an Associate Degree in Commercial Art. He lives with his wife Crystal and their dog Presto in Tennessee. He’s the cartoonist of Multi-Armed-And-Dangerous Oktopus! You can find him at and as well!

Josh Sorbek (Source Point Press)

Source Point Press is Saginaw’s own comic book publisher. Source Point Press has been building as an independent comic book publisher for nearly a decade with a steadily growing footprint on store shelves. While teaming up with Deep Water Games to expand into other avenues, they have remained close with their creators and audience thanks to their personal presence at conventions and store events. They, like Collector’s Corner Inc, feel the comic industry is a community and want to continue to give something back to it. 

Josh Sorbek will be joining us not only to talk about all the great things that they have coming up and spotlighting some of the fantastic comic books that they have already released, but will also be taking a look at YOUR portfolios! That’s right! This is YOUR chance to get your comic book scripts and art seen by an actual comic book publishing company! If you’ve always thought that you had what it takes, or even if you’re looking for some pointers on how to break into the industry, then this is your chance! What do you bring? If you think you’re ready to be published, bring  finished sequential art. Interior pages, pencils, or inks to show what you’ve got! Not quire ready yet, but want some feedback? Josh can help you with that too! Sharpen those pencils, get new Copiks and bring your best work to the Free Comic Book Day celebration hosted by Collector’s Corner Inc!

As for Josh specifically, he began writing prose novels in 2008, and he joined the Michigan Comics Collective soon after. He continued working with Source Point Press and now has a title of his own, Roarin 20's (it's dinosaurs in the 1920s!) and is working on developing other ideas as both a writer and an artist.

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