Free Comic Book Day - Celebrate Small and Local Businesses!

Free Comic Book Day Hosted by Collector’s Corner Inc - Small & Local Business Celebration

Let’s face it, the past year has been difficult for all of us. From the closing of our favorite shops to the lack of social events. To the sheer weight of safety, health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally on our entire community. Not to mention the damage to our community due to the flooding of last year and the life changing experience of having dams fail. Throughout all of this, what has made this all bearable, is the strength we gain from each other…..our friends, family, and community. While not being able to be physically close, these events have strengthened our bonds and brought us all closer than ever before. Now that Michigan is reopening and it seems like there might be a light at the end of this age-old tunnel, let’s make sure we reach out to those in our community that are helping us with our everyday lives. People that have been putting their all into running a business that makes our community what it is. While the convenience of the internet or big box stores is undeniable, the care and attention that each one of these companies bring to every single one of their customers, to you and to me, to our families, is something that you won’t find anywhere else. These are the companies that know our names, understand our interests and genuinely want to help with what we’re looking for.  Please help us celebrate these businesses… local….live local.  

Radio Wasteland Records (Your home for all your music needs!) 

     716 George Street (989) 486-9400 

Live Oak Coffee House (beverages to get you moving and so much more!)

     711 Ashman Street (989) 423-1800 

ACE Hardware (They have the tools and knowledge to help get all of your To Do Lists finished)

     419 E Main Street (989) 832-8829 

TechKnowledge (Computer problems? No problem.) 

     973 S Saginaw Road (989) 832-4101

Randi’s Green Thumb (For the best and freshest flowers in Midland, Randi's Plants & Flowers has exactly what you’re looking for!)

      899 S Poseyville (989) 835-7033 

Pop Pop Gourmet Treats (Pop-Pop’s Gourmet Popcorn creates over-the-top deliciously flavored popcorn that begins with hot-air-popped kernels. Each batch of Pop-Pop's gourmet popcorn is made from scratch using the highest level of quality ingredients they can buy.

Their specialty flavors make hot-air popcorn more than a fresh and tasty treat. It can be the perfect way to say thank you, convey greetings, cater an event, raise funds for your important project, or simply enjoy it as a treat after a long, busy day. The company's philosophy is: "We make popcorn to be a product that we like to eat." Thanks for popping by!)

      136 Ashman Circle (989) 486 9601 

Perfect Palate (Small event catering, family of four meal prep and delivery and more!)

Murphy’s Meals (Proper nutrition is vital to academic success. Our mission is to make sure that no child attending school goes hungry, regardless of their account standing or ability to pay.)

Center for the Arts (Stop by the Midland Center for the Arts booth to contribute to our community comic strip! Let your imagination run wild as you create your unique comic panel!)

1801 W Saint Andrews (989) 631-5930 https:// 

Nerdy Robot Jewelry (Devin Collier)  In her own words: “I have been making jewelry for over 12  years. I have grown so much as an artist and a person. I have a studio in my home which I do all my work, which includes but is not limited to, resin, charms, chain, and shrink plastic jewelry. I love to upcycle as much as I can giving things new life is one of my passions. I also have been running the Shipping Ship Boxes with my friend Su. We do boxes of fun jewelry and items for ships in our favorite fandoms. Fandom is a huge influence in my life and where I got my start as an artist. I love to push the boundaries of what I can do I want my items to stand out and be something you keep for years to come. I like my jewelry to be functional, geeky, and beautiful something you wouldn’t think twice to wear anywhere. I love making custom orders or just chatting about fandoms. Every year I strive to be bigger and better than before. My style is always changing and growing. “

Vandee Arts (Emma Vanderlinden) In her own words: “Emma is a natural science and digital illustrator that enjoys creating cartoons in her spare time. She loves depicting insects, fish, and many other animals with her illustrations. Graduating from the Kendall College of Art and Design in 2020, she has worked with the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute to create educational material for their outreach program. In addition to illustration, Emma loves creating costumes, painting model kits, and drawing comics.”

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