Free Comic Book Day 2021 - Celebrate 1st Responders

Free Comic Book Day - Celebrate our First Responders! - Hosted by Collector's Corner Inc

August 14th 2021 12 Noon - 5pm (end time may vary depending on availability, so show up early!)

Every day there are those that go the extra step, the extra *mile*, to make sure that the rest of us are safe, healthy and can live in a community unburdened by the weight of ill fortune. These men and women put our community, our friends and our families first and help in so many ways that we are not even aware of.

Come down to meet your first responders from the police department, fire department and the hospital, to the trauma department, mental health department and more during the Free Comic Book Day celebration, hosted by Collector’s Corner Inc on August 14th at the old Farmer’s Market by the Tridge in Downtown Midland. 

See the vehicles they use to help keep us safe, learn more about what they do on a daily basis to help our community, get your kids a FREE bicycle helmet and so much more. 

These heroes don’t wear capes or costumes, have amazing super powers or have a crazy rogues gallery, but come on down to Free Comic Book Day and you can learn, first hand, how they, and you, can help support our community, or even just to say a warm honest ‘thank you’.

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